Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2015 with Serial Key

SpeedUpMyPC combines a professional range of tools to boost your computer’s performance. The program will first scan your system to identify unused processes and invalid registry entries that are causing data bottlenecks and slowdowns. Once the issues have been resolved, SpeedUpMyPC will apply a variety of special Uniblue tools and tweaks designed to sharpen up overall system performance.

SpeedUpMyPC is a computer diagnosis tool that quickly assesses the performance level of your system, while delivering a collection of tools to improve its current state.

The cause of any slow running computer is most often located in the registry, which may contain junk or errors, resulting in decreased performance. However, there are a lot of secondary reasons for a poor PC speed, some of which are not visible to the naked eye, but could easily be spotted and solved via an application such as SpeedUpMyPC.

This is not only a diagnosis tool, but also a program that can actively repair and optimize your computer. Although it can’t actually do wonders, suffice to say that it’s a good alternative to re-installing the operating system when you’re experiencing performance issues.

Our recommendation, however, is to use it regularly to diagnose and fix your PC, instead of relying on it when the situation demands to do so. Moreover, since its sports options to back up your computer state, there’s no real danger – you can always restore the machine to a previous snapshot.

The first action that SpeedUpMyPC is programmed to do is an in-depth system scan in order to detect the problems that are causing it to slow down. Scan results are briefly displayed in the main window of the software – a more detailed report can be accessed in the next section of the GUI.

You are presented with the most stringent registry errors, junk data and speed issues that can be solved very easily using the ‘Fix All’ button. While these problems are being taken care of, SpeedUpMyPC also creates a restore point, making sure that you have something to go back to just in case.

Other highlights include a collection of active speed tools (such as the CPU Manager, Software Launch Booster, Start Menu Accelerator and Proactive Thumbnail Generator), which is best that you keep enabled, because they contribute to a better computer speed.

It is also recommended that you perform a registry defragmentation and use the PC Startup Optimizer in order to completely manage the items that are being launched on boot (the less, the better).

On an ending note, SpeedUpMyPC is a computer diagnosis and healing tool, which should be used on a regular basis in order to keep the computer in shape. The results can spear you the trouble of an OS installation.

Now enhanced with powerful speed tools, SpeedUpMyPC will also regulate RAM and CPU function, shutting off unnecessary background processes and synchronizing tasks for quicker execution.
What does this software do?

The problem:
Is your PC getting slower? With so many different settings, files and processes to monitor, it is hard to identify just what is slowing you down, let alone implement the necessary technical adjustments to recover speed and performance.

The solution:
SpeedUpMyPC scans your computer to identify slowdown issues hindering speed, before wielding a powerful range of tools to optimize your system for improved performance. Slowdown issues, such as invalid registry entries are removed and unused processes deactivated to free up space. The result is a computer that works faster and better.


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